Mike Jeffs

Founder and CEO Australia Christian Channel (ACCTV)
Board Member of Compassion

The normal narrative of most autobiographical books is that against
insurmountable odds the hero prevails. Yet what inspired me about Angela’s
story was the exact opposite. She grew up not with insurmountable odds, but
rather insurmountable opportunities. With the world at her feet and the great
heights of success within her reach, she chose the unthinkable, to leave her
privileged life to help the despised, rejected and overlooked in our world.
This is not only a unique and intriguing story but a love story that proves
there is no-one unseen by Jesus or outside the depths of His love. Angela
simply obeyed the Call of God on her life and in faith reached out to help and
rescue those in desperate need, just like Jesus did.
Her story is a powerful reminder to us all that when we capture the true heart
of Jesus that he will empower us against all odds to see those on the fringes
of society, experience God’s love in such a profound way that it will change
their lives forever.
This book will not only encourage you to pursue your own call of God but
will also empower you to show extravagant love to those on the fringes
of your life. If you have a heart to make a difference in your world, then
Angela’s story is a must read!