Simon Jarvis

Senior Leader, One Church Network (UK, Zimbabwe)
Leadership Development Director, Assemblies of God Great Britain

Angela is a WYSIWYG girl—What you see is what you get.
She is the same person in the office, the school gate, in Starbucks or in
her home. She talks straight, loves compassionately, shares her resource
generously and treats all (and I mean all) mankind equally.
“I vowed that I would never diminish the value of others by elevating my
own importance”
This quote…her quote…sums her up magnificently. It’s how she rolls.
And that’s what makes this story remarkable.
She has experienced the two bookends of life that most of us only ever hear
and read about. Extreme wealth and extreme poverty. The lofty corridors of
immense power and dignity and the dark street corners of prostitution and
How she navigates these extremes with grace and poise and with a good dose
of humour, faith and compassion is heart-warming, inspirational and very