Williams Family

Be Prepared

You know when you’ve waited so long for a special day to finally come? You’ve prepared all you can for the big event and the day finally arrives, yet you still feel so unprepared?

Well, that’s how I feel going into my book launch this week. I have dreamed about launching a book for over 10 years. I’d imagined this day in my head, much like a wedding day. I had pictured how I would feel telling my story and strangely now that I am here, it feels absolutely nothing like how I imagined.  I didn’t think for a moment that I would have to step so far out of my comfort zone to arrive here.  Although, I should have expected it as has been the case throughout the whole writing process and even within the experiences that I write about.  Getting off the sofa and heading out of my comfort zone seems to be the story of my life, so I guess, I best get used to it.

As Extravagant Life to Extravagant Love went up for pre-orders last week, I have watched in wonder the many bookstores around the world that have quickly picked it up to sell on their platforms. Stores in the US,  UK and even  in Japan, France, Germany, and other parts of Europe have jumped on it. I am a little overwhelmed already and it hasn’t even been released yet.

The thoughts drop into my mind, what if people all over the world are reading my book? I certainly don’t feel prepared for that!! Yet, isn’t that the point of writing a book, and isn’t that what most authors aspire to? Don’t I want the message of Extravagant Love to reach far and wide? Yes of course I do. Yet, if I’m honest, I am excited but equally as freaked out over it. I can’t imagine the world reading my husband’s classic line, “I just did a poo this big”!

I’m not sure that I am prepared for the world knowing of my husband’s bowel habits or my vomit phobia or taking a seat on the couch in the loungeroom of our lives. Yet the one thing I had determined to do when I decided to start this journey in publishing, was to be completely honest and vulnerable and tell my truth that’s real to me by giving the readers a backstage pass. So as much as I have prepared for this day and feel unprepared for how far this will reach and having to yet again step up from the couchI know that I must BE PREPARED………for it’s not about the parts of my life that are already written, but the parts that are yet to be written that make this journey an exciting one.

Oh, and one last thing… if you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy you can do so by clicking here.